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A Book Review: by John F. Knott III

Title: Country Woodcrafts to Make and Paint

Authors: Patrick Lose

Published by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
387 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016-8810
ISBN: 0806942282 Softcover $14.95 (Can. $20.95)

This is a pretty basic book as far as woodworking skills are concerned.  The directions and plans are well laid out and most of the projects are "contemporary" country. Lots of painting involved.

      Daddy, can I help you in the shop ? How many times do we hear that from our kids, just wanting to spend more time with us ? Country Woodcrafts will give us the opportunity to spend precious time with our children, and get them involved and interested in things other than TV and video games, or worse. The projects in this book are very easy and colorfully painted, just the ticket to keep young minds interested.

      Country Woodcrafts has easy to understand plans that will attract any budding woodworker and easy to follow painting patterns for those too young for the power tools. No, this isn't going to try your expertise as a master craftsman, but it is fun. All too often our simple afternoon or weekend projects become more involved than we intend, but the projects in Country Woodcrafts are very basic in design and most can be completed in under an hour.

       The projects are very complete with detailed materials and painting lists down to the size of paint brushes to use. They all are laid out in a language and style that won't alienate the young apprentices or the artistic spouses! Country Woodcrafts includes a paint directory which is available at most crafts and hobby shops, and also a metric conversion chart ( plans are in inches ).

        Country Woodcrafts to Make and Paint won't get you that new armoire or entertainment center, but it will provide you with chance to share your love of woodworking with your family at an easy to understand and follow pace. There are no challenging procedures but how many of us started our careers as woodworkers by building custom cabinetry ?

       Country Woodcrafts to Make and Paint is a good book for the family woodworkers to have in thier library.

John Knott (aka "The Woodman")

Editor's Note: John is a professional woodworker who hosts his own website.

Sterling Publishing has graciously donated several books for review which are passed on to our members free of charge. Thank You!

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