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A book review: By Tom Meeker

Title: Wind Toys That Spin, Sing, Twirl & Whirl

Cindy Burda

Published by: Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.
387 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016-8810
ISBN 0806939346
Price Hardcover: $24.95 (Canada $36.95 )
128 color pages

This hardbound book is full of craft projects, 35 in all. They involve wood, metal, sewing, clay & glass. Each project has a complete set of instructions including tools required, supplies, materials list and a detailed step by step of how to do it.

All irregular shapes are line drawn so they can be photocopied and enlarged to actual size for transferring to material. Most measurements are in inches, but a few are metric. There is a conversion table for measurements in english and metric. All projects have full color photos of completed items.

For those who work in just one medium, this is a good guide to try some other types of materials and develop a variety of skills. This variety of projects could be used to stock a very attractive craft booth for the craft market. The value of the patterns and directions in this book far exceed the cost of it.

Tom Meeker

Editor's Note: Sterling Publishing has graciously donated several books for review which are passed on to our members free of charge in exchange for thoughtful, honest reviews. Thank You!

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