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Super PushBlocks and PushStick:by Steve Coakley

After ripping, jointing and profiling about 200 feet of oak, it is easy to see why Woodworker's Supply called them "SUPER PUSH BLOCKS". They are super! The 7"x3" firm pad gripped the stock with ease. However, to me the best part of these blocks are the handles. They are offset and angled back to the center. There are thumb supports at all four corners. This combination provides a comfortable grip with either hand in any situation. The value of the thumb supports really stood out at the jointer. They made it simple to keep the pad horizontal and firmly against the stock.

The push stick, which is "C" shaped rather than the traditional strait form, also made a hit with me. The arched handle gets your hand up over the work piece. This, coupled with a 4.5" rubber pad in front of the hook not only allows you to advance the stock, it gives you the ability to hold it down and against the fence at the end of the cut. At the front of the stick there is another hook with a 1" pad. This little addition came in handy when I found myself having to crosscut some small spacer blocks from some 3/4"x3/4" strips . As the cut was finished it was easy to safely move the parts away from the blade. The push stick as well as the push blocks are "can't miss it" yellow.

As woodworkers we all understand the importance of safety in our shop. It could be a one man show, like mine, or a large company. Safe work habits keep us smiling. This set of blocks and push stick will make safety in my shop a little easier and I am sure they will in yours too.

Steve Coakley

Super PushBlocks and PushStick are available from:

Woodworker's Supply

Stots Saw-AidTM By: Doug Smith

I received my Saw-Aid in mid May, and being a busy fellow, had immediate use for it. To the table saw...I always use a push stick, so I could put the Saw-Aid to immediate use. It is comfortable to grip, and keeps your hand up...up high above the blade. Good Deal! I can set the blade height accurately also, Stot's says this function is accurate to .005". (This works on the router table, too.)

The Saw-Aid is touted as having 9 different uses, (look above for the first 3 ), the rest being angles, (30, 60, 45, and 90 degrees), rules, (a 9", and 6" hook rule), and a center finder. And these are the features I'm going to pan. Lets go backwards and start with the center finder....too small, and on a push stick; yeah right, seems to be a reach. Then the rules, they're decals, with large lines, set 1/8' away from the edge, not accurate enough for me, thanks. Then the angles, with a base and leg of 3" seemed a little clumsy to me, I'll stick with my engineers square for squaring up. The angles feature just didn't feel right to me.

The other ten reasons Stots Corp. listed for using the Saw-Aid are right on...your fingers! Use push sticks religiously, PLEASE! And for this reason alone, the Saw-Aid is worth buying. A miniscule cost compared to the damage a blade can do to your fingers. Woodworkers like tools and enjoy well made tools. Its been drummed into me to "buy the best you can afford", and as a push stick and height set, this is one of the best you can afford. It is well made, and comfortable to use during ripping operations, I wouldn't even mind having it in glaring colors to make it that much easier to call attention to itself. Use it! Save those fingers!

Doug Smith

Ordering Info:

Saw-Aid $14.95
(All products made with care in the USA)

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