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Book Review: By Jim Lunden

Title: Woodcarving - A Foundation Course
Zoe Gertner
Guild of Master Craftsman Publications
166 High Street, Lewes,
East Sussex BN7 1XU

Available through:
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
387 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016-8810

Price: $19.95 (Canada $27.95)

This is my second woodcarving book. This book really made me want to try my hand at woodcarving. Ms. Gertner really understands the needs of beginning carvers.

She starts with 68 pages on Preparation. This includes:

-Some brief notes about the nature of wood as it relates to carving:

-A useful discussion of tools needed for carving (not just chisels and gouges).

-A very clear presentation of sharpening techniques for carving tools.

-Specific "how-tos" on the use of each type of tool

-Safety notes

Now comes the good part. Ten projects that looked they would be fun and also looked like I might really be able to do them. She includes a list of tools needed for each project so you won't get caught short in the middle of one.

I am going to get some carving tools and try out some of her instructions. They seem to be very clear without being condescending.

Jim Lunden

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