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A Book Review by David M. McGrew, MD

Title: 200 Original Shop Aids & Jigs

Rosario Capotosto

Published by: Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.

387 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016-8810
ISBN 0-8069-8929-7
Price Softcover: $17.95 (Canada $27.95 )
368 pages

I had the opportunity to review, "200 Original Shop Aids & Jigs for Woodworkers", by Rosario Capotosto. The 350 page book is divided into 3 sections.

1. Making and Using Jigs and Aids

2. Tips and Techniques

3. Projects

The first section is divided into chapters covering over 80 jigs and aids for every piece of equipment in your shop. The equipment covered includes all the usual, like your table saw, drill press and router, but also includes jigs and aides for handsaws, Sabre saws, Circular saws, Scroll saws, Lathes, Sanders and others. The plans range from very simple things to some jigs and aids that are real projects in themselves. The plans are detailed enough for a moderately experienced woodworker, but may be a bit scant for the novice. Despite having several books on jigs and numerous magazines, I found some truly unique items in this section. When things were not entirely unique in concept, they almost always had some thoughtful twist to make them even more useful. I can see making some improvements on things I already have and certainly will be creating some new jigs based on these ideas and plans.

The section on tips and techniques offers over 100 tips, techniques and shortcuts that will be useful for all woodworkers. You just can't get enough of these.

The book finishes with detailed plans for 11 projects that easily make the book a good buy even if this is all you got.

The US price for this book from Sterling Publishing is a well spent $17.95. I feel almost good enough about the book to offer a personal guarantee of satisfaction!

David M. McGrew, MD

Editor's Note: Sterling Publishing has graciously donated several books for review which are passed on to our members free of charge in exchange for thoughtful, honest reviews. Thank You! And you can usually find their titles at a discount from Barnes And Noble

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