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A CD Review by Bob Newman

Title: Woodworking Tips on CD: Volume 2

Published by: August Home Publishing Co.

Des Moines, Iowa
Price: $12.95 Sale Price:$9.95
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In one word, my summation of this product is "awsome".

I, like many other woodworking enthusiasts, buy many woodworking magazines, and while reading them, often say "That's a great idea". A few months, weeks, days, minutes, (if you are into senior moments ) down the line, we have need of that idea, but where do we find it?

This CD answers that question to the Nth degree. With the break down of the "tips" into their appropriate area, it is extremely fast and simple to narrow one's search; and the tips, again, are extremely useful. I have had this disc now for 2 weeks and have already built the cutting jig for cutting plywood with a hand electric circular saw.

The "100 Tips" section is divided into the following areas: Around the Shop, Cabinets & Shelves, Cutting Techniques, Finishing, Gluing & Joinery, Router Techniques, Sanding, and Table Saw Accessories.

Aside from the tips, plans are also included to make the following; Handyman Workbench, Small Workbench, 7 must-have Shop Jigs, Surefooted Sawhorses, Roll Around Tool Cart, & Shop Utility Cabinet.

I have not had the opportunity of seeing Vol. 1 of this product, but I feel confident that it meets the same high standard.

For myself, personally, I will not be using the "screen saver" pictures that are available on the disc. I find them to be too "busy" in their appearance.

The CD is only compatible with Windows

Bob Newman

Editor's Note: August Home has graciously donated several items for review which are passed on to our members free of charge in exchange for thoughtful, honest reviews. Thank You! You can find more of their offerings at the Woodsmith Store

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