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A Book Review by Eric J Smith

Title: Woodworker's Hand Tools
Rick Peters
Published by: Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.

387 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016-8810
ISBN 0806966610
Price Softcover: $24.95
192 color pages

When I first found out that I had been picked out of the spiffy WWA cap to review this book I was a bit concerned that I might find it a little too beginnerish for my taste. As is so often the case, I was wrong!!

This is a well-illustrated guide to most of the bench tools you are likely to come across in woodworking. It is thorough, to the point, but not overbearing. Mr Peters merely explains what the uses and types of various tools are, and the names and parts of the tools themselves.

The book also deals concisely with the sharpening and tuning of many tools. However my favorite part was the appendix on restoring old tools. The author makes a very good observation about collectors and users "Most tool collectors are interested in preserving the tool's patina, and that's fine. But the once-over I give a tool would put most collectors in shock." Brutal honesty, good book!!

Eric Smith

Editor's Note: Sterling Publishing has graciously donated several books for review which are passed on to our members free of charge in exchange for thoughtful, honest reviews. Thank You! And you can usually find their titles at a discount from Barnes And Noble

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