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Update - 9/12/00

Hello Everyone,

I've removed the article depicting the copyright infringement at the website: 4-woodworkers.com. As of 11:00 PM, EST on 9/12/00, the website had been taken down and all arguments against it have been withdrawn - as long as they stay offline.

Many thanks to the dozens of woodworkers who emailed the retailers sponsoring the copying website. And though they had great affect when sent to one retailer, they had apparently no affect when aimed at Amazon.com. This is most disconcerting. As far as I know, no one who complained to them received any reply whatsoever. It's sad to think when so many woodworkers have such a beef as we had here, Amazon would just ignore the issue. I guess in one sense, this has been a learning experience, though not quite the one we were aiming for.

Anyway, you all did really well and I can't say how much your efforts have meant to me personally. Thank you!

Jim Mattson

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