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Tool Review: E-Z Arch
Michael Tulloch

Recently I had the pleasure of trying out the new tool from E-Z Components Inc. (619.944.0955). It's called the E-Z Arch tool and I think this tool will be most usefull for professional carpenters and builders.

I tested the 48 model and found it to be very easy to use. And fast. It's designed to make laying out/drawing out arches easy, as in framing for arch-top windows and doors. In the past I've always made up something on site to get the thing drawn out,....string and a nail, sticks, and bending plywood...whatever was around at the time.

I used it last week on an arch-top picture window. All I had was the info in the spec catalog (rough openings)....the unit had not yet arrived. What I had was the chord length and the height of the arch.I did not know the radius as this was a segment of a circle. Well...I could have left my brain home that day as I didn't need it. Five minutes with this tool and I was putting the thing (frame) together. This tool will lay out arches up to 16 feet, using the telescoping arms that also have positive stops at 12 inch intervals.

The tool is a well made and handy to carry around, and comes with a short VHS video that will explain the use of the tool. The 48-in. unit costs $65.00 directly from the manufacturer.


Editor's Note: You can find out more about the E-Z Arch here.

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